The Three Leaves

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The three leaves

Desiring a rustic lifestyle, yet not wanting to give up her favorite passion, Teleera Selmast of Sembia brought several large crates of dried tea leaves with her when she moved to Drullyndra. Upon her arrival the citizens welcomed her warmly, choosing to share with her the teas native to their heritage. Overjoyed by this show of hospitality, Teleera offered her teas to the community, frequently using her own wealth to import more from across Faerûn.

Although she still follows the common practice of offering her teas to the citizens of Drullyndra without charge (for the greater good of the community), with the influx of travelers since rejoining with Cormanthyr, Teleera’s mercantile background is beginning to shine through. No longer does she simply offer dried teas. Now, there is an entire dining room set-up, so that anyone who wishes can drink tea and have a snack; for a price, of course.



The Three Leaves

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