Cercidium Trappings

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Cercidium trappings

The practice in Drullyndra is “everyone contributes, everyone benefits.” This usually reveals itself in the practice of providing whatever services you are capable of providing for the greater good of the community, not for monetary gain. Yet, somehow Cerci Dendar has managed to do just that for decades. The rumor most often used to explain this extortion—for what else could it be called—is that Cerci knows things that Cerci should not, giving her great sway among the elders and therefore the power structure of Drullyndra.

Oddly enough, even though she is perfectly willing to charge her fellow citizens five copper for a length of rope—made by another citizen for which (s)he receives no compensation—Cerci partakes of the community’s general disdain of outsiders, refusing to sell even the most basic supplies to adventurers.



Cercidium Trappings

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