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This campaign uses the standard 4E Dungeons and Dragons rules. With only a few notable exceptions.

First and foremost, this campaign is about story. That is not to say that there isn’t combat occasionally, but that is never the focus. To emphasize story in feat selection, any feat that grants a permanent statistical bonus has been eliminated.

Second, every magic item should have a story to tell. Therefore, the assumptions regarding magic items made in 4E have been disregarded. Also, without magic items upon which to spend their gold, the players will receive a lesser amount of gold than specified.

Third, this is a detailed and believable world. To better accentuate that, attack and defense bonuses will not scale with level. Whenever a man with platemail is seen, his armor class will be known, and city guards can still do their jobs without having to “level up” occasionally to be able to threaten the characters.

Fourth, it is a believable assumption that characters who dabble in other classes would develop abilities related to those classes. To represent this the Power Swap feats listed in the Player’s Handbook will be free to any player who has taken an associated multiclass feat, so long as the majority of powers from any source (i.e. encounter, daily, utility) are from the characters main class.


Handouts at the game table help to engross players in the world. They also serve as a wonderful reference during play. Below, the handouts that have thus far been distributed are available as PDF downloads.

Campaign Guide: detailing the starting information so that players can familiarize themselves with the campaign before play begins.

Letter of Summons: a letter received from the Coronal of Myth Drannor, Ilsevele Miritar, summoning the party to her presence.

Kyriel Nelance: a sun elf officer in service to the crown of Cormanthyr operating as liaison to the Children of Destiny.




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