Krisatra Dragontouched

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Krisatra the Sunrise

Elf girl portrait by dashinvaine

Character’s Play Sheet

Hailing from Silverymoon, Krisatra has traveled her fair share over the lands of Toril. From Waterdeep to Baldur’s Gate to even as far as Ormpetarr in the Plaguewrought Land. As she’s travelled, she’s gathered stories and tales from other heroes and adventurers to share along the way. Her stories have earned her money, rooms, food, and more to ensure she could continue to travel. But after ten years of wandering the land, she finally made a choice to start to settle down somewhere. And when she came to Myth Drannor, she heard about a village just opening up to outsiders two days off the beaten trail for her. So, kind of on a whim, she decided to head there to see about settling down finally. From there, she met the others and has been settling quite well. All things considered of course.

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Krisatra Dragontouched

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