Hal Crownsilver

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Hal "Magpie" Crownsilver
Name: Hal Crownsilver
Nicknames: “Magpie”
Age: 16
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 97lbs.
Birthplace: Suzail, Cormyr.

Hal “Magpie” Crownsilver (born 23 of Uktar, 1463 DR Year of the Reborn Hero) is a young human female residing in the elven village of Drullyndra. She is known for her singing and general entertainment, performing nightly at the Shaded Dragon.


Hal has a younger brother named Koree, and a pair of older twin siblings named named Kacey and Harabec. These two are fraternal twins, one being female and the other male, respectively.

Departing Cormyr

Travels to Drullyndra

Time in Drullyndra

Present Day

Most recently, Magpie joined a small group of townsfolk to rescue a young missing elf named Fern. She was last known to be headed towards hidden cave in the forest, and has not been seen since.



Hal Crownsilver

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