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Drullyndra is a predominately wood elven (Or-tel-quessir) settlement south and east of Myth Drannor in the area of Cormanthor known as the Tangled Vale. While most of the forest’s eladrin population was fleeing during the retreat, the wood elves of Tangled Vale were securing the forest against outsiders in an effort to prevent a repeat of the Weeping War. Thusly those that stayed behind became an insular society, suspicious of outsiders, and intolerant of change.

In recent years the eladrin have seen fit to once again frolic beneath the boughs of Cormanthor, bringing with them trade with the outside world. For the past century the elders within Drullyndra have witnessed this encroachment and pondered. Now, with the fortunes of the City of Song once more on the rise, the inhabitants of Drullyndra have decided to once again join the community at large.


The community of Drullyndra lacks a central government, opting, instead, to allow societal pressure and a desire to do what’s best for the community to guide the actions of the citizens; however, the elders of the community hold great influence over these forces, leading to a de facto gerontocratic oligarchy. The staid influence of the aged, some of whom were children at the end of the Weeping War, has kept life within the Tangled Vale largely free from internal strife and turmoil.

Now that Drullyndra has once again joined the greater kingdom of Cormanthyr, they answer to Ilsevele Miritar, Coronal of Myth Drannor. Although allowed to maintain their autonomy with regards to local rulings, a few things have been decreed by the monarchy that all areas of the kingdom must follow. The hardest to swallow for the people of Drullyndra was the expansion of the “Opening” to include many of the smaller communities, allowing for a greater influx of trade and more aid (in the form of adventurers and the like) to help recapture the forest.


Drullyndra is found within the starwood, the densest part of Cormanthor. Giant oak and maple trees reaching heights of over 200’ make up the bulk of the area along with the smaller, but no less ancient, firs and elms. Thick undergrowth and numerous mosses and lichen cover the forest floor with only the occasional game trail running through. It is along one such trail that visitors must travel to reach the secluded settlement.

Numerous ferocious animals and monstrous creatures roam beneath the boughs of the forest and can prove dangerous to travelers. Rather than upsetting the natural order of the forest by building a protective wall, the elves of ancient Drullyndra chose instead to build their homes amongst the branches of the trees. Living some 25’ to 30’ above the forest floor provides protection from both wild animals, and invading forces. More than once has an army passed beneath the floors of Drullyndra without realizing their quarry was so near.

Places of interest   heading

Map of Drullyndra

The Shaded Dragon: This fine establishment offers a bed, a home cooked meal and, of course, ale in a refreshing and exciting atmosphere.

Aranthi’s Bloom: This small shop collects and sells many of the varied and beautiful flowers that are native to Cormanthor.

The Gossamer Threads: Here can be found all of the latest fashions from Myth Drannor to Waterdeep, with the exorbitant price to match.

The Verdant Glade: This open space is where the citizens gathers to discuss matters of importance to the community.

Spirited Victuals: A shop dedicated to the preservation of food for long storage. Used frequently by adventurers passing through the area.

The Handy Carpenter: A location to secure the services of skilled laborers for numerous projects.

The Rusted Anvil: A blacksmith who specializes in arms and armor. Generally despised by the elven population.

Paraffin Paraphernalia: A wax-works shop that sells far more than simple candles. Wax Hands are the recent favorite among the young.

Tanyll’s Tannery: This building is less of a shop, and more of a community location containing space for leather working.

The Oaken Barrel: The original drinking establishment and brewer in Drullyndra, and still the preferred watering hole of the locals.

The Three Leaves: The best, and only, location to purchase dried tea leaves. Recently expanded to include tea service and pastries.

Saebrar’s Furniture: The Saebrars make quality, affordable furniture, amazingly intricate pieces and cleverly crafted “living furniture”.

Cercidium Trappings: A general store. Anything that anyone could want, but isn’t available elsewhere in town, can be found here. Almost.

Maple Loaves: Catering to the adventurers who have begun to frequent the town, a bakery full of fresh pastries and meat pies.




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