Cruendalas Silverwing

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Cruendalas Silverwing began his life in the Moonshae Isles, although he refuses to talk to others about his life as a youth, quickly attempting to change the topic when it comes up. When asked about the Isles, the only thing he will say is that he is no longer welcomed at home.
From his tales a careful listener can gather the fact that Cruendalas has traveled up and down the Sword Coast, but mainly in the area of Tethyr, Amn and Baldur’s Gate, where he has gathered stories about different scoundrels while penning a few stories about his own exploits and (sexual) conquests. It can be inferred that he is likely the father of several bastards up and down the Sword Coast. In addition to acting the part of a “Romeo”, he shows proficiency with his rapier as well as his quick wit, both having been used to strike devastating blows against other suitors and jealous fiancées.

His musical training seems to be strongly influenced by Anmian tradition, but his repertoire has popular songs from all over allowing him to easily make a comfortable entrance into any tavern west of Thay. Travelers who have recently come from the sword coast can tell that it has been several years since Cruendalas had visited last; although Cruen is not eager to discuss his recent travels, saying nothing more than that he traveled with several companions along the Sword Coast. Most recently he has performed in the Forest Kingdom, Dalelands, and Myth Drannor; finally ending up in a little boom town of Drullyndra.



Cruendalas Silverwing

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