Claern Taure

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Claern taure title

Claern Taure, a wood elf, is the proprietor and cook at his tavern and inn, The Shaded Dragon. Running a tavern near the center of town, Claern knows much of what is happening around town. Running the inn is a full time operation which leaves only a little time in the afternoon and early morning for other pursuits. During these times he can be seen taking walks around town to enjoy the sunshine, or playing games of chance with friends.

Collecting books is a passion for Claern, although his collection is small because books are rather expensive, he takes good care of them and has Saebrar constructing a bookshelf for his study. He only lets family and friends use the books, but he has on occasion brought one or two out to show off to interested customers.
Claern is a devout follower of Corellon and Mielikki. Though he avoids traveling himself, Claern knows there are many dangers in the forest, and he prays that his guests may make it safely wherever they are going. To anyone interested he will teach how get the most out of foraging for food. It may seem odd for a man who rarely leaves town to teach his guests how to forage, but he has read much on the subject and learned a lot from those that stop by his tavern. He also encourages travelers and neighbors to sing a song, or tell a tale.

Friends heading

Jungi is a ranger and hunts for food for the village. Most people see him as a good hunter with an annoying know it all personality, even when he doesn’t know. Claern, on the other hand, sees the man who risked his life to save him from a fire, and that gratitude lets him see pass his annoying traits. Claern and Jungi get together at Claern’s bar and play games of chance in the morning before he goes out hunting.

Elder Nakai is a close friend of Claern. When Claern was younger he saw Nakai as a creepy old man, and played many pranks on him; however, through the years Claern realized this man had been through a lot in his adventures as a younger man, and came to respect him. Even though they meet often to discuss everything from politics to the weather while sipping on sweet red wine, the topic of the old man’s adventures never comes up.

Jadzee is a Sun Elf from the town of Bellasee in the Feywild. She is arrogant and short tempered. Twilight is the name of the tavern that she runs, in which she brews her increasingly famous blackberry and blueberry wines. Concerned with keeping her honor she arrives at Claern’s bar every couple of tendays with the shipment in order to finally win a duel with Claern. Surprisingly she has yet to win a duel, which annoys her to drinking and chatting with the owner.

Hal Crownsilveris a young human girl who sings at Claern’s bar. She was lost in the woods, and Claern happened to notice her as she was passing under the village. He decided to help her out by finding her good place to stay. He sees Hal like a daughter. Claern wonders why she left Cormyr, and worries about what happened to her before she got to the village.

Claern has known Ardi her entire life. She and her sister were known troublemakers, and much like his own sons, were not slowed down by punishment. There were times the four of them competed against each other, making a grand disaster for all to see. It is heartbreaking for Claern to see her lose someone so early in life.

Kris is a nice young half-elf who found a home in Drullyndra. She now tells stories to Claern’s children and gets them out of his hair in the morning while he cooks and prepares meals. While she tends to travel, Claern always has a room ready for her when she comes back to town.

Family heading

Sunyrra, a moon elf and Claern’s wife, tends the bar while Claern cooks. Claern loves the fact that she is a strong willed woman who can control the crowd, no matter how rowdy it gets. They have three children together, and the whole family lives at The Shaded Dragon

The first two children are twin boys, Adiron and Ehlilyn. They are both wood elves and love to cause trouble. The boys are in their teens and have to help clean up after meals. They remind Claern of when he was young, and he figures he is getting paid back for all the trouble he caused. Claern finds it hard to get angry at the boys because he finds the pranks funnier than dangerous.

The third child is a moon elf daughter by the name of Ahrelle. She is four years younger than the twins, and is much more reserved than they are. She likes to help out in the kitchen and already has her own opinions on what spices to add to a dish. Claern gets a little annoyed by this while he is trying to cook, but he is proud that his daughter is so committed to cooking.

Claern’s birthmother, Junarai, was died in childbirth, and his father, Casithas, got remarried about two years after to Vonlisali. Claern knows little about his birth mother other than she was nice. His father, a man of few words, sculpts wood to sell to travelers. His step mother is a very flamboyant and verbose painter, who never feels appreciated enough.

The older of Claern’s younger brothers is Kanji. He is 2 years younger than Claern and works as a carpenter building houses. Just like when they were kids, they still get together regularly to play games and talk.

Kara, Claern’s first sister, is 12 years younger than Claern and has an adventurous spirit. Claern has not heard from her in over 3 years and is concerned for her safety. In a way Claern was jealous of Kara, because she was not afraid to leave the village. Every time she returned, she brought a new book for Claern to read.

32 years after Claern was born, his younger brother, Gaelron, was born. He decided he hated living so close to other people and lives in a shack in the woods about a day’s travel from the village.

Finally there is Ilnae, who still lives at home and is 42 years younger than Claern. She makes quilts, and thinks she can do no wrong. Claern and Ilnae don’t get along because he believes that alcohol is a corrupting influence and she is more xenophobic than most of the other wood elves in town. She argues loud and long, though not ever backed by any reason or logic.

History heading

Claern was born the day the spellplague struck. While Junarai was in labor blue fire streaked across the sky, giving the entire forest an eerie glow. A tendril of blue flame struck her in the chest stopping her heart immediately, but Claern survived somehow. Many of the elders tried to make sense of this omen. Some say perhaps a piece of Mystra may have found its way into the infant, others say that bad luck will follow him. Claern says that it was merely a coincidence and means nothing, but he can’t seem to convince himself.

As a youth Claern was full of energy, and rambunctious. His parents never took to disciplining any of their children, a fact that forced the rest of the town to step up and be more responsible. Pranks were a daily occurrence for Claern and Kanji. Being the oldest, Claern took the lead in any pranks, and most of the punishment. He relished getting into trouble, and causing mayhem.

It all began to change when one of his pranks had an unintended consequence. He was caught drawing a dragon on the side of Elder Nakai’s house. The man was nick-named “the dragon,” because he was old and cranky. The old elf actually liked the picture and forced Claern to finish it making Claern feel pride in his work.

Claern was fascinated by his grandfather, Byeon. Byeon was an expert swordsman, and traveled extensively throughout Cormanthor. Though neither of them talked about their adventures, Byeon and Elder Nakai used to travel together. They, however, seemed to avoid each other since before Claern was born.

Claern would always watch his grandfather practice with a scimitar named Elladyr. It was a sword that had been passed down through many generations. When Claern finally got his wish to train with his grandfather, Byeon always said, “You must not wield a sword unless you mean to use it.”

At 16 Jungi was Claern’s mortal enemy. Jungi thought that he knew everything, even though most of what he “knew” was wrong. Claern and his brother, Kanji, would pick on him and often got him into trouble as much as Jungi would get Claern and Kanji in trouble. One day while daring each other they snuck into the woods. Each of the kids kept trying to outdo the other, each to proud to admit they were scared, they went deeper and deeper into the forest. It wasn’t long until they ran into trouble.

The kids ran into an owlbear. Jungi and Kanji panicked and ran off towards the village. Claern froze in fear completely forgetting any of his training. The charging owlbear was enough to bring him to his senses, even though it was too late. He was able to jump out of the way of the first charge, but Claern was no match for the owlbear, and he has a nasty scar on his stomach to prove it. Thankfully for Claern, his grandfather noticed he was missing and was able to kill the owlbear before it ate Claern.

By age 19 Claern thought he had everything he could want. He had money from helping the hunt and selling what he caught. He had a nasty scar to show off to the ladies, and he could have fun no matter where he went. His entire outlook on life changed one warm summer evening. Claern, Kanji, and their 7 year old sister Kara were staying at their grandfather’s house while their parents were in Myth Drannor selling their art. Even though he was supposed to be taking care of his little sister, he dumped her off with his grandparents to hang out with his brother and other friends.

Claern stayed out late at the only tavern in town, living life to its fullest as he would say. Suddenly the alarm bell rang across village. Grandfather Byeon’s house was burning. Claern could not run fast enough to get to his grandparent’s place, and when he got there the flames already were covering half of the building.

Not even thinking of his own safety and not seeing either his grandparents or his sister, he rushed into the building before anyone could stop him. His sister was crying in one of the corners, unsure of how to get out, so he grabbed her and ran out and got her out of the fire, but he knew his grandparents had to still be inside, for they would not leave Kara in the building otherwise.

Not wasting a moment, he rushed back in to save his grandparents. It took a while to find a safe way to his grandparents room. When he opened the door, he knew that it was too late, but he couldn’t make himself believe it. He was determined to save his grandparents no matter what. Trying to drag their bodies across the floor was not easy work for a weak elf, let alone one trapped in a fire. It was then that Jungi showed up.

Claern was babbling about saving his grandparents and Jungi just slapped him in the face and said, “Face it, they’re dead. The only thing you can do for them now is to live.” He grabbed the shocked body of Claern and dragged him from the building. They would both have to live with burn scars on their hands and legs, but Claern would have to live with the guilt of not saving his grandparents. He never has forgiven himself for not being there to save them, like he would have been had he been taking care of Kara like he was supposed to. The fire was so complete that the only thing remaining was Elladyr.

Though everyone lauded him a hero, he could not assuage the guilt he felt. Crawling into the bottle was the only way he could numb the pain. Claern drank away his savings, and what little he had left was lost to gambling. After a few years of this, he had to make the choice of living on the street or getting a job. Not wanting to be kicked out he started looking for a job, but no one wanted to hire a chronic drunk, no matter what promises he made. Finally at the age of 25 Elder Nakai took some pity on him and hire him on as a servant.

Cooking and cleaning was not Claern’s ideal lifestyle, but it brought him money. It also introduced him to a new love. Elder Nakai has a large library, at least for the village. Whenever Claern did a good job, Nakai would let him read his books. At first it was just an escape from his life, but it soon became a passion. For 15 years he cleaned and cooked, always in hopes to get to read the next book. Even though he found a passion in his life, he never realized he traded one addiction for another till he read “The Spell’s Prayer.” It was about a father who sacrificed himself to save his children, only to have the children die when they could not get over their grief.

After realizing he wasted years doing nothing for himself, he realized that his grandfather would be ashamed of him. He needed to stop punishing himself and live to honor his memory. It took 5 years and a few loans to get the money to get his tavern built. For how much sour he put out over the years, he felt he needed to repay by bringing happiness to the town. Also seeing an increasing number of people traveling the forest he put up some rooms so that they would not have to sleep in the forest. The opening received mixed feelings. Most people liked having a new tavern in town, however those that were already afraid of the increase in people coming into the woods saw it as a threat to the way things used to be.

When Claern opened the tavern he hired on a new comer to town that would eventually be his wife. Sunyrra, wanting to prove herself left her home to find her fortunes from somewhere other than her family. Noticing the strong willed woman Claern saw, he was glad she was on his side. Claern, being 15 years her elder and not really thinking of such things, was surprised when he realized he was falling in love Sunyrra. After 8 years of a tumultuous relationship they were married on Greengrass.

On the day if the wedding Claern’s father gave him Grandpa Byeon’s sword. Casithas has no use for the sword, and wanted to show his pride in his son by handing it down to him. It still hangs in a place of honor in the bar.

Side by side they worked the tavern neither one really noting the passage of time. They tried many times to have children, but it seemed that a family was beyond their hope. Knowing that not everyone gets to have children, they surrounded themselves with friends and kept busy working on the bar, till one day many years later their wish came true.

The twins were born a few months after Claern turned 80. He was unprepared for how much his life was going to change. Taking care of the children was almost enough to make him give up the bar, but somehow he and Sunyrra found a way to keep up, though neither got much sleep for years. Ehlilyn and Adiron were worth all the trouble they caused.

Six years later their daughter Ahrelle was born. Even in her younger years she was better behaved than the twins, but keeping up with three children was a lot of work for a bartender and a cook. Where the twins were adventurous and daring, Ahrelle was cautious and reserved. As she grew she spent more and more time in the kitchen helping her father.



Claern Taure

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