Ardisia Saebrar

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I am Ardisia. I grew up here in Drullyndra with my parents and my sister Fern. My childhood was spent following the footsteps of Fern, which usually led us both into mischief and soon after trouble. What Fern did, I did. Fern’s friends were my friends too. Fern always seemed to know what was going on, and had her own opinions about them, and I agreed with her because I always did. Our father, a local craftsman, had tolerated most of our shenanigans, but made sure we got proportionally in trouble for anything serious we did. When we were old enough, he suggested we go off to Myth Drannor. A couple days before we were to leave Fern was nowhere to be found. I searched for her, and so did others from the community, but no one found her. Without my sister I was aimless. I did not go off to Myth Drannor. Father says i have to do something productive and so has been trying to teach me carpentry. I dont know what i want to do. I just want my sister back.



Ardisia Saebrar

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