Fate of the Fey

No Rest for the Weary

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I guess it was meant to happen sooner or later. I came to this town to relax and rest for the next decade or so. But someone brought in bleeding everywhere changed that. Now I’m sitting with wolf elves looking at stars I don’t know. Let me back up a bit.

This morning was like any normal one: get up, pray to Chauntea, tell a story, and go about my day. Which today was the day Claern Taure’s little girl was making a meal all by herself.

Next thing I know, a man’s bleeding on a table, Ari’s lost her marbles, and we go trekking through the woods towards a cave marked in blood. Ari barely gave us enough time to gather something to take with. Shoot, I had to grab a walking stick along the way to make sure I was armed with something. But it did concern her missing sister so I can’t give her too much grief.

The cave… The cave was too odd. It was so smooth everywhere. I almost wanted to say we were walking into a dwarven work until there was no mining equipment anywhere. But as we went farther, we finally found a part with stalactites from the ceiling. Glad to finally see something normal, we might have rushed in without looking too well. Spiders. Spiders everywhere. Gods on high, do I hate spiders. I just wanted them dead. Period. Until a couple seemed to pounce on me. I panicked and propelled myself backwards, willing a stalactite to crush them. My hands got hot, and before I could blink, magic sparks shot out and brought the thing down on them. I was a bit stunned, needless to say.

After getting away from those damnable spiders, we continued on to try and find a sign of anyone. Instead, we managed to get the tunnel to collapse on either side of us to where we had to dig out. Since Ari was in a rush, we had no shovels. So I had to use my extensive knowledge from my travels to help get things moving without burying us alive. Ari managed to wiggle through an opening we made to work from the other side. But Magpie… As much as I like her, I wanted to wring her neck after this. She decided her judgement was better than mine and pulled whatever rock struck her fancy. Needless to say, it brought what was left on the rest of us and got us hurt a bit. Especially not good after Claern kept hurting himself helping move the rocks.

But thankfully, there was open space to outside finally. But as I started to look around, I got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. The trees were too big. And worse, in my eyes anyway, the stars were completely wrong. I couldn’t help myself. That one fact scared me more than the spiders had. The stars had guided me for the last ten years in everything I had done. They were supposed to be as constant as the rising sun. But here I was, looking at twinkling strangers. I wanted to turn back so bad but no one would have it at all.

As we continued on, we managed to find a clearing, where we were met by a couple wolves. I wanted to go around. I mean, the wolves weren’t attacking us right away as vicious or monstrous ones might. So why should we bug them? It helped that it looked like they were already injured. Though I might have wanted to find a way to help them, it would have been better to go around them and leave them be. But Clearn had to decide to go up to them to get bit. So of course we defended him. I didn’t want to see them dead so I used the magic I had discovered earlier to work on knocking them out so we could get away and they would wake up fine a couple hours later. But as luck would have it, the first one I knocked out turned into an elf. I freaked out. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Then the other wolf changed into an elf as well and charged me. She didn’t give me enough time to tell her I didn’t kill her sister like she thought, running me through with cold steel. I don’t think I even had time to register the pain before I blacked out on the ground.

When I came to, I had been wrapped up with some cloth to staunch the bleeding. Now I’m sitting here, looking at stars I don’t know in the company of elves who tried to kill me, hoping to make sense of what’s happened. But as the old adage goes: “There’s no rest for the weary.”



The Legendary Song

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20 Tarsahk Year of the Ageless One

What am I doing here? I hate traveling. I have not done something so reckless in almost 80 years. I abandoned the inn, my family, and probably my sanity. My wife is going to be pissed; I didn’t even think to explain anything to my daughter. What was I thinking?

It all started this morning when we met to show support for my daughter’s first meal, which I’m now missing. An elf brought in a wounded man, who was part of the Flaming Wrath. The man was badly injured, and we could do little for him.

Ardisia noticed a pendant he had in his hand; it was Fern’s. This man had found Fern’s necklace. Upon seeing this Ardisia forced the man to tell where he had found it. As if possessed the man drew a map in his own blood showing the location of a cave southeast of town. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew there was more to this than just a found pendant.

I didn’t want to go, but Ardisia was determined to leave immediately, and I couldn’t let her travel the forest by herself. I feared what we might find when we got there. Nothing seemed right. When we found the cave, it was unlike any cave I’ve ever seen or read about. The cave was too smooth and too circular.

The cave contained large spiders, about 3 feet long without counting the legs. I stood there and thrust my dagger out at them, as if drawn by some instinct of what to do, a strange sensation rushed down my arm and out of my dagger. It hit the spider causing it to collapse. I had hoped this would never happen. I’m not sure I want this to get around town. I like my life the way it is, and I don’t want anything to upset that.

When we got through the caverns we were met with a strange sight. It was a land I had only read about in my books. The stars were different, the trees were larger, and the elves could turn into wolves, very mistrustful wolves. We were in a clearing when we first met them. We all stood still, afraid of making the first move that would set the wolves off.

Eventually I decided that I would approach carefully, seeing that they were injured, I was hoping to help them, that is when they snapped at me. I was able to jump back in time, I feared that we would have to put them out of their misery. At least we would be able to eat, but when the first “wolf” went down it turn into an elf, and the other one did also, charging down Kris, before we could convince her that there was a great misunderstanding.

Once everyone calmed down we could look to our wounds. None of us were feeling all that great, but we couldn’t go back yet. We decided to get help for the wounded elves, though Kris stayed behind to help protect the elves who had escaped from some slave traders.

Ardisia, Magpie, and I traveled deeper into this forest till we came across many pulsating vines. That was when we were attacked by Xivorts. One of the blue gnomes stuck the vine above us, drenching us in the black goo that was in the vine. I was blinded by this attack, and had to work furiously to be able to see again. Thankfully we were able to take them down before they took us down.

Soon after that fight we stumbled into the elven clan. Looking back, I found it odd they had tents instead of building houses in the trees. If I meet them again I shall have to ask why that is. We were greeted as honored guests. We were given food and sweet mead as some of their group rescued Kris and the other elves. It was comforting to have found someone nice in such a strange land.

After the dinner things took a strange turn. We were invited to see the seer, who spoke in riddles. I never quite got what she was saying, but it sounded as if Fern was still alive. I would find that amazing. I haven’t know many that were missing for months and were found alive. I then remember we were shown a vision of some kind, but as dreams fade upon waking, so did the visions that we received. Upon waking from these dreams, we found the seer had died. I don’t know how I’m going to carry out her final wishes, when I don’t even remember them, but I hope her soul found some rest.

Feeling refreshed we decided the best option was to head back to the tunnel.



The First Day of the Rest of My Life

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I didn’t want to wake up this morning. My mother made me get up so that I would not miss the special breakfast that Clearn Taure’s daughter was making. She said I was obligated to keep my promise and that sulking isn’t ladylike. Its not that I didn’t want to go, I just didnt want to be social this morning. I went. I’m glad I did, although breakfast didn’t go quite as planned. One of the member’s of some adventure’s group was brought bleeding into the tavern. I had not noticed the group before, and so i didn’t recognize him. I also had never seen someone with such severe wounds before. It was very nerve wracking. Hal’s friend came and bandaged the guy’s wounds. When he finally came around Kris tried to ask him questions. Don’t remember just exactly how it all happened, but i do remember noticing a small piece of wood fall from the guy’s hand. My heart skipped a beat. I knew immediately what it was: the little bird I had made for my sister Fern. Suddenly everything I had been bottling up let go in a tide of fury. I had to know where and how and when this stranger had found my sister’s bird! I may have been a little harsh, but I couldn’t just stand there and ask politely if he knew something. I didn’t mean to cause that seizure or whatever it was. I personally think he was possesed. Vomitting blood is gross enough, but drawing a map in your own blood-vomit is just too much. Apperently it was just going to be that type of day.

In my one-track-mind type of way, I gathered what I needed and set off to find the cave. I was going to go whether anyone came with me or not, but I am REALLY glad that my friends came with me. I don’t want to be a follower anymore, but I also really don’t want to be alone. If it had not been for Clearn and Magpie and Kris, I too would have been never seen again.

The cave we found was just wierd. At first I didn’t think much of the cave walls, but then it occured to me that no natural cave would be that sooth and round. We couldn’t find any tool marks, so something did this. I know I don’t want to meet it though. The farther into the cave we got the more strange things we found. It looked like some sort of people had lived here once, but we could find no traces other than the architecture. We finally gave up lookng at the wierd rooms and followed the main tunnel until we were attacked by spiders. Without the adrenaline of getting closer to find Fern already coursing through me, I probably wouldn’t have actively fought such huge spiders. I did however pull it together to kill a couple with my spear. A few times I was bitten by a spider, and after the third or fourth every thing went dark.

I don’t know how much later I woke up, and I don’t really know how long we spent walking through dark cave tunnels. My mind had gone a little numb by then. So many new things were happening all in one day. I remember at one point there was a deep rumbling in the earth and the tunnel caved in front of and behind us. Kris was really clever and told us how to unbury ourselves. We managed to make a small hole and I crawled through and helped from the other side. Finally, we saw light, and rushed towards it.

After everything else that had happened to me, coming out of the cave and seeing trees at least twice the size of my trees and completely different stars just seemed like another thing. Kris was really upset by them. She wanted to go back to the cave and figure out where we made a wrong turn or something. I don’t know what good that would have done. I just wanted to keep moving forward. I felt we were still on the right path—especially because I’m sure there wasnt a different path that we missed. We headed straight from the mouth of the cave and trudged through this new and unfamiliar forest. Pretty soon we came to a clearing, with dense foliage all around us. On the other side of the clearing were two pairs of yellow eyes. Looking closer we saw the wounded bodies of the wolves that the eyes belonged to. After a brief stand off, Clearn walked slowly towards the wolves. Of course they attacked us. What did surprise me was that they both turned into elves after the first crumpled to the ground.
One of the wolvey-elven people calmed down enough to talk to us.. Turns out there is a whole clan of them and Clearn and Magpie and I set off to find them and send help for the wounded. On our way too where we were told we could find this clan we were attacked by small blue creatures. The little buggers kept hitting these bulging vines and splashing icky gook all over us that made us blind. That was so gross and really annoying too. Eventually we beat them and kept walking until we found the clan we were looking for.
These are easily some of the nicest elves I’ve ever met. It didn’t matter to them that we weren’t just like them, but they listened to us, and fed us and helped in pretty much any way they could. As turns out we had stumbled our way in the feywild. That’s pretty nifty, though I bet Father will never believe me. The leader person even took us to their seerer person. Her tent was really trippy. We inhaled quite a bit of smoke and met a ridiculously old elf lady. She said some pretty backwards stuff like “It is not yet time for the night to rejoin the light” Some of the other things she said sounded like she inferred that Fern was still alive, but then most of it could be interpreted several ways. She made us drink some weird stuff and then I had a vision of a bird flying along, then a hand reached out of the clouds and grabbed the bird. Then I saw the surface of water from underneath and felt like I was drowning. Then I woke up. When I looked to the seer to ask her about the vision, she was dead and the elves already knew and were ready with a funeral pyre.
It seemed we were intruding by staying any longer so we left. On our way back to the cave we passed by the outer edge of the trees were the apparently they are called xivorts attacked and more of the little buggers showed up! I got to swing around on vines from tree to tree and I beat up the last couple myself! Yay Go ME!!!
When we finally got back to the cave all the rubble was gone and we met some iridescent guys and they told us that we were “chosen” to protect the fey and that this is the passage to the feywild. We were given some gold and we went back to Drullyndra.



The Way Forward

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25th of Tarsakh
I… I never thought I would go back. But I want to be taught by the one person I trust most about this: my mother. I wasted a couple days in Drullyndra, unsure if I should even go. I mean, the way I left was rude to both of them. And my father. He’ll just want to find a way to keep me in Silverymoon and follow his career choices. Not something I would want to do. There’s always been this… I guess you could call it movement inside me. I can’t be tied down like he enjoys. It makes me feel like it’s a death sentence. But now, I have this power awaken that seems to be movement incarnate. And… well it’s been the first time I’ve been happy in years. Sure, I’ve been content and excited. But truly happy? That’s always somehow eluded me. Anyway, I just got into the inn here in Silverymoon from the portal over. So I’m going to rest before heading over to see my mom.

26th of Tarsakh
That could have went better. A lot better. Namely I should have waited until Dad had left. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain what had happened. He just opened the door and the next thing I knew, I was pulling myself out of the neighbor’s garden. This might take longer than I thought…

30th of Tarsakh
Well, I finally made some progress. I’m not being tossed around like a rag doll anymore. Of course, throwing a spark of lightening at the front door might have set me back a little. Anyway, my dad finally sat down to hear me out. Mom’s excited to be able to teach me what I might have become. She thinks I might be a storm child. They both asked me to come back for Greengrass, when I can start being trained formally in what I can do.

20th of Flamerule
Gods on high, do I hurt. This sorcery training has been hard. I have to direct the power through myself, instead of doing spells like Dad can. And since I’m a storm child, there’s all this constant movement and electricity to the power I call up. But Mom thinks I might be ready for something she says she had a long time ago. She won’t tell me what it is but I’ll be getting it tomorrow apparently.

21st of Flamerule
(Part of the paper seems singed) and the stupid thing won’t work! She said it was something she used herself when she was an adventurer but it won’t work for me for some odd reason. Maybe I’m not using it right. There has to be some way for it to work. I only just got it today after all.

(Several pages are torn out in this section)

2nd of Eleient
Dad’s saying I should have had a familiar by now. Mom thought I shouldn’t need one but is now agreeing with him. So I need to head out in a search for a familiar to join along with me. Watch me end up with a rock or something. I don’t need to be worried about some creature as I go along my life.

2nd of Marpenoth
I finally made it back and I’m not sure how but a Muse Sprite decided to join me. Dad found it funny, considering my track record with listening to others, that I would get a familiar considered to be a councilor to whoever they should bond to. She seems to like my hair, wrapping up in it when she’s on my shoulder. She told me her name was Asta. Not a name I would give her but I’m not going to take that from her. She was nice enough to decide to help me on my way.

10th of Marpenoth
Mom said there isn’t anything else she can teach me that experience wouldn’t do a better job at. Dad said to not stay such a stranger around here. So long as it was for much shorter visits instead. I know he’s still mad but at least he’s nice again. Tomorrow, I’m gonna get the first portal out to Myth Drannor and see how everyone’s doing in Drullyndra. It’s been a while and I need to apologize for the things I said in that tunnel




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18 Kythorn Year of the Ageless One

This last tenday and some change marks the second time I’ve been to the Feywild. I heard, from guys I was training with, concerning a town about 3 days travel south from the passage that had good wine, and they were begging me to get some for the bar. I was less than enthused about traveling there again, but I knew that this would be a great opportunity to get ahead of any competition that might come to town. People are willing to pay almost anything to get something from the mysterious Forest on the other side of the Passage.

I went with Denitor, Hinorr and Worves, the guys I’ve been training with from the Flaming Wrath who found the town. Good protection doesn’t come cheap, but I didn’t want to get lost or killed along the way. At least I got a good discount by offering my services as cook. I’m sure they never ate so well on a job before. We made good time, and only ran into trouble once. I made a decent showing of my skill; it seems my training has been paying off.

Bellasee was artistically put together; everything seemed to flow; nothing seemed out of place except for us. It took me most of the day to find the tavern owner who made the wine, not because no one knew where he was, but rather, like sun elves can be, no one could spare the time to talk to lowly humans and a wood elf. Although they weren’t xenophobic, they they had a pretentious air about them. After eight stops and many drinks we finally found the tavern responsible for this crazy trip.

When I finally saw the maker of the wine, I could tell right away that Jadzee had no intention of trading with me. She was aggressive and kept changing her price and the amount of wine she was “willing” to sell to me. It was obvious that, like the rest of the town, she thought me inferior, so I had to change her perception of me. I tried being nice and respectful and exchanging her insults with some of my own, but in the end it took a duel.

While I had no intention to battle my dealer, I could tell that these sun elves pride themselves as great bladesingers, because it seemed like everyone talked about their skill with a blade, or battles they watched or were a part of. There was even a public arena owned by one of the greatest Bladesinger in Feywild, at least from what I heard about him. He only gave lessons to those that showed great promise.

I wasn’t willing to give up one getting my deal just yet. I was unsure of how well Jadzee was, but I figured it would be a one sided fight with me loosing. I figured however, if I made a good showing perhaps she would see me as something other than a nuisance. When i proposed the duel she laughed in my face. She said that if I won she would not only cut me a great deal, but deliver it herself, but if I lost I had to work for her for a month. I figured it would be worth it either way.

The next day we met in the arena. The seats were crowded as the rumors spread that an outsider challenged someone in Bellasee. She seemed to love the attention and strung the battle out much longer than it needed to be. I was looking like a fool and I had to do something, so I dug down deep and drew upon strength I didn’t know I had. Suddenly I was blocking everything she threw at me. I scored a few hits one her. I don’t know where this talent came from. I was actually winning. I was as surprised as everyone else when she finally yielded. True to her word she gave me a good deal on wine.

I still want to know where my talent came from. I have never shown such prowess before. I used to lose my sword from even the simplest disarming move. Now I’m not quite a master, but I’m leaps and bounds beyond what I could have done before. Where did this innate ability come from, and why now. Why not earlier when I was fighting the spiders in the passage? I fear this might be a bad omen coming to pass.

My life surely won’t be the same anymore. For starters the Grand master of the arena was impressed enough with my abilities, he offered to train me into a great bladesinger. Who could turn down an offer like that? He trained me for a tenday and told me to go home and train. He said that I would know when I needed to return.

After Jadzee’s defeat, the rest of the town treated us with respect. I found out that in their eyes until one proves that he isn’t a coward, he is nothing. The greatest honor is to not back down from a fight until you have proven yourself. I found their obsession with honor interesting, and I know I will return someday.

26 Eleasias Year of the Ageless One

My trip to Myth Drannor didn’t go quite how I thought it would. I was going to meet Kara, convince her to stay at my place for a while, and we could finally catch up. Instead I found myself once again worried I might leave my kids without a father.

As you know I got a message from my long lost sister. The letter said she was finally coming back home and she wanted to meet me in Myth Drannor. I thought it seemed like an odd request, why not just come to Drullyndra, but I was so excited to see her, that I never gave it a second thought. I set off almost right away.

I traveled there with Jadzee. We have become friends as of late; she stops by the bar every few tendays with the new shipment and we talk about our separate worlds. Although she swears one day she will be strong enough to beat me, she still is just a little too slow, and it frustrates her to no end. When we got to Myth Drannor she went to take in the sights while I went off to see my sister.

I arrived at the time and place Kara put down in the letter, and I was surprised by her choice of venue. It was a dingy bar that seemed to exude a rotten odor, as if someone lost the key to the larder months ago. I sensed the attack coming, but I couldn’t defend myself in time. After the first hit everything went a little fuzzy, but I do remember taking at least two of my attackers down before I was captured.

They tied me up and started asking me about Kara. When was the last time I saw her or heard from her. I didn’t think I would come out of this alive, but I tried to stay strong as I attempted to convince them that I hadn’t seen my sister on over 3 years. I don’t know what my sister got herself into or why I was now going to die over it, but I didn’t want to betray her. I thought on my family and my training to keep me strong. I had no chance of escaping on my own.

I was saved by Magpie and Ardisia. Ardisia saw my sword for sale, and knew that I would never sell it. Magpie was tailing one of the thugs in the gang, and when her path crossed with Ardisia’s they were able to come up with a plan to get me out of there. The thugs weren’t expecting an attack, so they were caught unprepared by Magpie’s luck and Ardisia’s swordplay.

I was more than grateful that they came to get me. After looting the place we found some documents that were written in old Dwarven. I was able to remember enough words to get a gist of what they said, but they didn’t lead me to any real answers. At least Magpie found them useful. She gave me a pendant and told me to keep it for luck. I was just happy to be alive and I would get to see my family again.

The pendant turned out to be really lucky. On the way home it suddenly fell off my neck and when i bent down to pick it up I realized that if had fallen in a disguised pit trap. I knew that most hunters were not so careless as to make one on a well traveled road, I suspected there were bandit about. Jadzee was the one who spotted them trying to sneak away.

We were able to round up three of them before the rest got away. I was once again surprised by how easily the spells came to my mind. It felt as if I had practiced all my life, but I never touched a sword before I went through the passage. We forced the men to fill in the trap before we handed them over to the guard for a nice bounty.

Also I don’t care what Jadzee says, I’m the one that got the third guy.

19 Marpenoth Year of the Ageless One

Business is booming at my little inn. For once I can actually afford to hire staff, so I took my family on a much needed vacation. I have an expansion planned and the lot under my bar bought, I just need to find someone willing to build it. I’m getting a cellar for my wine, and some new rooms. I also am going to put a taproom down there that is bigger and better than what I have now. I can use the room to expand my kitchen.



Secret Diaries of a Magpie

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Sometime in the future…
Following are just some chosen excerpts from the diary of renowned adventurer Hal Crownsilver, known as ‘Magpie’, displayed in the library archives of Candlekeep.

Dear Diary!

FINALLY! I have enough gold to actually buy a real book! After that ‘ adventure’ in ‘The Other Place’, I have enough gold for almost anything! I’ve forgotten how much I miss the jingle of coins! I’m leaving tonight for Myth Drannor. I so look forward to living in a big city again! Maybe I’ll send Vortigan some chocolate from Waterdeep. He said once he really liked it!


I’m lucky to still have you, Diary. As soon as I arrived in Myth Drannor and parted ways with Ardisia, I got mugged and beaten! The gang of elven bandits ambushed me and took all my belongings. I’m lucky this fell out of my bag, and they didn’t bother picking it up. The gang was lead by a ?man? who never pulled down his hood. The only distinguishing features that I was able to see on him was a lengthy scar down his right hand. When he got angry and stopped another member of his group from stabbing me, it glowed bright blue! He told me to “fly away little bird,” and I ran off.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised by this; just a few days ago Moonbeam told me that “the blue glove shall spare your fingers from the golden yoke of the forest.”

Fates, I need to get my stuff back…


I’ve dubbed him the ‘Blue Glove’, and have started to hunt him down. After a few weeks of discreetly asking around, I met a hin who called himself Three-Legs. Why? I don’t really know, and when I asked he just laughed and didn’t answer. Anyway, Three-Legs said he’d tell me what I want to know, if I’d do him a favor. He said he’s been leaning on this importer in town, trying to get his business to fold. He said that the importer has resisted this by a discreet funding by someone, and Three-Legs wants to find out who is doing this, so he can stop them. To do this, I need to steal the ledger from his shop, and bring it to Three-Legs. This should be easy, and I agreed.


Last Night I tried Moonbeam’s dream-meditation methods that she has been teaching me, and they worked! I had a long and confusing dream that very night. I dreamnt of a horse dancing on a bed which broke open and the horse fell into a hole! It got even weirder because I was being chased by a barrel covered in spikes! before I got crushed by it, I hit a stone wall and river gushed out and swept the barrel away! Then I found myself climbing a mountain and found the ledger I was looking for at the very peak! Weird dreams, right?

I leave to get the ledger tonight.


I can’t believe I’m still alive. My mission went… well, really. I almost got trampled by a horse outside my mark’s house, and when I jumped out of the way, found a secret cellar that led to a trapdoor under his bed! I looked up and saw the ledger laying on the top of his bookcase. Success! I couldn’t reach it, so I sort-of climbed his bookshelf and grabbed the book, causing it to fall over and crash very loudly, causing his guard to run into the room. Fates he was so big! He had this BIG spiked flail and he tried to crush me with it! Scrambling out of the room I bumped into a table and knocked over a pitcher of water which he slipped on the puddle and fell over, allowing me to escape!

I got out of there after that and returned to Three-Legs.


With Three-Legs’ guidance, and a few weeks time, I tracked down the member of the gang that wanted to kill me and had another dream—this time Claern was in a huge cage that kept getting smaller and smaller. While I was watching, Ardisia ran to the cage and got shot by dozens of arrows! I was sweating when I woke up, and now I am going to go out to track the gang member down—Three-Legs said his name was Scratcher. I’m sure he knows where Blue Glove is.


That day was mostly a blur to me, and I don’t really remember it perfectly. It turned out that Claern was being held hostage by a gang, of which Scratcher is a member. I ran into Ardisia (surprise!) and together we managed to free him, but I almost lost the trail of Scratcher. He didn’t get away, because he tripped over my backpack which had accidentally broken off! After we managed to get away, he told me he had left his former gang (led by Blue-Glove) because he had some grand plan that Scratcher thought was too dangerous, so he ran away. He wouldn’t tell me any more than it was to take place in Drullyndra.

So…I go back ‘home,’ again. I can’t wait to see the rest of my friends.




The Long Way Back

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After a while, some more wolves came and I got a ride to the camp with their help. I tried to be polite and offer help as a thanks but they knew how to handle themselves. And the food. Bless Chauntea there was food to eat. It was then I was told just where we were. Oh if I had died in that moment I would have cursed everything at being robbed all the stories that must populate that world. Everything that had been lost to us since the Fire. After we finished, we were ushered into a tent with an old wise woman. I knew the day had been something on me because I forgot to ask one very important question. Well, we were offered something to drink deeply from. And I tell you, there was so much I saw from it. It’s a shame I can’t remember much of it but I do remember this: a hand coming out of a grave that I dug up to reveal a baby. And as I was almost done, people started walking by to throw a shovel of dirt on. It was just neverending. I’m still not sure what it means but I couldn’t ask the woman since she was dead when we came to. So after some discussion we decided to go back in search of the cave we came through. And, of course, we were attacked. I’m not too sure how long the fight lasted. I was downed after a while. It just seemed like the fugly little gnomes just wouldn’t go down. Well after some time for me to come to, we managed to find the cave. But there was this glow that wasn’t there before. When we checked it out, it turned out to be these, I guess you could say, ghost-like people. But they all looked and sounded like people we already knew. And what they kept saying… I couldn’t help it. It was like they sparked a powerful storm inside me. They kept going on about how us being these Chosen Ones was by something we desired. I’m ashamed to admit I said a couple things I regret saying. But they made me think about others who had tried to tell me what my fate was. Fate is not something I’ve wanted to be bogged down by. I guess you could say I’ve pretty much rebelled against it, for all intents and purposes. But, I guess this one time, I am just trapped by it. By this fate which sealed another fate of mine. I want to say more but right now, I have to think about something the wise woman had said: “The way forward lies behind me.”



My Own Choice

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As I returned to Drullyndra from my first trip to the feywild I was full of hope and purpose. I was so excited and determined. I did not have a particular plan, but I knew what I wanted to do. That’s what my Father had wanted, right? For me to know what I wanted? That’s why I thought he would have taken my news slightly better. I strode into his workshop and announced “Father, I’m going to be a warrior. I’m leaving for Myth Drannor as soon as possible, and than I’m going to go find Fern, because I know she’s alive!”
I don’t think he took me seriously for even two minutes. He kept asking questions like I was some sort of stupid child. Ok, so I don’t have every single detail figured out, but I’m not a stupid child. Maybe someday he’ll treat me like an adult. He demanded that I go home and stay there. He told me I was forbidden from leaving Drullyndra. Whatever. He can’t force me to do anything.
I did go home to gather some things before I left. My Uncle Sven and my Aunt were there visiting with my Mother. I told them my whole story. At least they actually listened instead of being belligerent. I told them I was leaving for Myth Drannor to get what I’d need and then I would set out to find Fern. My Uncle Sven pointed out a few minor details and convinced me to go visit his brother Erik. Apparently Erik used to be an adventurer and occasionally takes in a pupil to teach them how to wield a sword.
That same day I left with Magpie to travel to Myth Drannor. Upon arriving in the big city, Magpie and I separated, and I went directly to Erik’s house. He read the letter that Sven had asked me to give him, and agreed to teach me how to wield a sword, but only If I promised to stay until he decided I had learned enough. I get the impression the letter from Uncle Sven had something to do with that clause, but I’m not too bothered, I think I will like this big city.

Aprox four months later:

I have been so busy training with Erik. When I’m not training I’m usually unconscious. So much physical activity really takes it out of a person! I spent the first week doing chores around Erik’s little shop or running errands. Erik sells some really weird stuff. I asked him where he gets this weird stuff and he’d spent a half hour telling me a story about some adventure where he beat a dozen ogres just to find a shiny rock. (or something like that, I wasn’t always listening, and he goes off on tangents in his story and often exaggerates I think.) Eventually he’d realize himself and send me to go run laps around the neighborhood. I think he misses his old life and just runs his shop so he can meet other adventurers and chat with them as they sell him their silly trinkets. I’m sure he buys more than he sells. I don’t know how he has enough money at the end of the day to eat, but his pretty wife always has a delicious meal prepared. I asked him about it one day and he just smiled and tapped his nose. That was weird. After that he started getting serious with my training. He has a tiny yard behind his shop/house but its full of some weird and neat training equipment. There is a bench where you lay down and lift a bar with weights on each side to build muscle in your arms. There is a pole with a bunch of swinging arms of varying lengths. At first I just had to jump or duck to not get hit by the arms. Then he tied stuff to the end of each. One had a small round shield, one had a knife, one had a round weight, etc. That made it more interesting. There was more to dodge and when I didn’t clear the obstacles I could expect a rather hard hit. after about three weeks of endurance training he finally let me start with a sword. All I had was the short sword that I took from the xivorts. I told Erik how I get the sword and he looked so proud that I had my own little adventure story.
So we trained. and trained. and trained and trained and trained. Occasionally I got a reprieve and had to sit in the store while Erik and his wife went off somewhere. I even got a few afternoons or mornings off to explore. In what little time I have had I have met so many interesting people and seen so many incredible things!!
After a few months Erik said I had outgrown my little short sword and I should go out and find a serious weapon. While shopping I did find something interesting. I recognized the sword as Claern’s. I knew he wouldn’t EVER sell that sword, so I asked the shop keeper some questions. She knew it had probably been stolen, as a thug had sold it to her. I threatened that I’d call in the city guards and tell them about all the stolen merchandise. Apparently there was quite a bit of hot items in her inventory, and she had already been in trouble a time or two, because she gave in. She let me take Claern’s sword and told me about the thug who brought it in. Later that day, after finding a nice broadsword for myself, I followed the lady’s directions and found the warehouse that the thugs used. Just as I was about to crash in the front door, I saw Magpie! She suggested a different entrance, and we teamed up against the thugs we found inside. It wasn’t a pretty fight, but we conquered in the end. We also found Claern! He was pretty happy to see his sword again. We poked around for a while. Claern spent a while staring and muttering at some paperwork, and I found a bit of money. We all parted ways again and I went back to Erik’s house. He wasn’t terribly happy that I went off to a fight unprepared and gave me a lecture on knowing my limits. The next day he went with me to go find some nice armor.

another 6 weeks later:

Erik has decided he’s done with training me. To celebrate my graduation he and his wife took me out to a nice tavern. We ate and drank well, and laughed a lot. He gave me a bunch of advice, like listen to advice, but make up my own mind. I like that. I left his house the next day and headed back to Drullyndra. I was surprised at how many people were on the road! I had heard that people had gotten really excited about the Passage, but I wasn’t expecting to see so many people. When I got to Drullyndra itself I was flabbergasted. This wasn’t the same little town I had left at all! I like that my town is becoming something more, but I am also very amused that the original citizens are trying to ignore it. I thought about going home, but I really don’t want to. I decided to go see Claern instead. If my family wants to see me, they can come to me. I am not a child anymore and I will not reside under my father’s roof.

It’s my time to make my own decisions.




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23 Marpenoth Year of the Ageless One

I decided to write down a few thoughts as I sit here waiting for the dwarf to finish making his order. We came here so that he could get his precious metal and leave. Our purpose on this trip is a simple one collect something and leave, but is that really the best option?

Let me explain. When we came here we noticed something going on downtown. It turns out in the face of a grizzly murder the previous night two men were accused and one fled, and the other took a hostage. Neither option seems the best when facing that situation, but I’ve never been in one. The question is does having the ability to change something give me the responsibility to act in any situation, and if so, what situations must I take action in? I know I cannot save everyone, but should I try to anyway?

I’m in a strange town surrounded by people I don’t know. I owe nothing to this town. Is it right for me to cut into their affairs unasked? If someone were to burst into my tavern and start cooking on my stove I would not be thankful, no matter how good of a job they do. It would be my responsibility to my customers to serve them. That’s not saying I would never ask for help, but it should be at my request.

On the other hand, we are talking about someone’s life, not a ruined supper. Can I stand back and do nothing while someone’s life may be in danger? Would I not break into someone’s house to save that person. And how is that different than what is going on now?

Do I even have the right to interfere? This a different culture entirely. And would it actually benefit someone if I did? Sure maybe this one time I could save one girl, but I won’t be here next time. In the same way feeding a wild animal actually causes it greater harm because it won’t learn to feed itself, I could be robbing this town of a valuable experience.

No, I don’t think a hero is one that sticks his nose into everything, but rather someone who helps when help is needed. Unwanted help can often cause more harm than good, so perhaps it is best to leave this town to its own abilities.

Well it looks like this disreputable artist I found myself protecting couldn’t get himself a deal after all. I should remember to ask about the slave trading around town, perhaps they have heard about something.



What's Right to an Outsider?

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I don’t have much time to write, since we just hit a snag in the services we were rendering a dwarf looking to make an upside down fountain. But I’m not too worried about that. What I’m more worried about is the talk of someone being held hostage by a man accused of murder. I know I’m someplace I don’t live but it doesn’t excuse me from doing what’s right: helping remove the hostage from the situation. Maybe if we could find out if the man was actually the murderer, we would be in a better position to have things end peacefully. And that’s on top of having to leave Drullyndra after hearing about slave trading. The Lythari we helped had said they were attacked by slave traders. So I want to get back to take care of that as quickly as possible as well. Well, time to figure out what to do next…




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