Fate of the Fey

The Legendary Song

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20 Tarsahk Year of the Ageless One

What am I doing here? I hate traveling. I have not done something so reckless in almost 80 years. I abandoned the inn, my family, and probably my sanity. My wife is going to be pissed; I didn’t even think to explain anything to my daughter. What was I thinking?

It all started this morning when we met to show support for my daughter’s first meal, which I’m now missing. An elf brought in a wounded man, who was part of the Flaming Wrath. The man was badly injured, and we could do little for him.

Ardisia noticed a pendant he had in his hand; it was Fern’s. This man had found Fern’s necklace. Upon seeing this Ardisia forced the man to tell where he had found it. As if possessed the man drew a map in his own blood showing the location of a cave southeast of town. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew there was more to this than just a found pendant.

I didn’t want to go, but Ardisia was determined to leave immediately, and I couldn’t let her travel the forest by herself. I feared what we might find when we got there. Nothing seemed right. When we found the cave, it was unlike any cave I’ve ever seen or read about. The cave was too smooth and too circular.

The cave contained large spiders, about 3 feet long without counting the legs. I stood there and thrust my dagger out at them, as if drawn by some instinct of what to do, a strange sensation rushed down my arm and out of my dagger. It hit the spider causing it to collapse. I had hoped this would never happen. I’m not sure I want this to get around town. I like my life the way it is, and I don’t want anything to upset that.

When we got through the caverns we were met with a strange sight. It was a land I had only read about in my books. The stars were different, the trees were larger, and the elves could turn into wolves, very mistrustful wolves. We were in a clearing when we first met them. We all stood still, afraid of making the first move that would set the wolves off.

Eventually I decided that I would approach carefully, seeing that they were injured, I was hoping to help them, that is when they snapped at me. I was able to jump back in time, I feared that we would have to put them out of their misery. At least we would be able to eat, but when the first “wolf” went down it turn into an elf, and the other one did also, charging down Kris, before we could convince her that there was a great misunderstanding.

Once everyone calmed down we could look to our wounds. None of us were feeling all that great, but we couldn’t go back yet. We decided to get help for the wounded elves, though Kris stayed behind to help protect the elves who had escaped from some slave traders.

Ardisia, Magpie, and I traveled deeper into this forest till we came across many pulsating vines. That was when we were attacked by Xivorts. One of the blue gnomes stuck the vine above us, drenching us in the black goo that was in the vine. I was blinded by this attack, and had to work furiously to be able to see again. Thankfully we were able to take them down before they took us down.

Soon after that fight we stumbled into the elven clan. Looking back, I found it odd they had tents instead of building houses in the trees. If I meet them again I shall have to ask why that is. We were greeted as honored guests. We were given food and sweet mead as some of their group rescued Kris and the other elves. It was comforting to have found someone nice in such a strange land.

After the dinner things took a strange turn. We were invited to see the seer, who spoke in riddles. I never quite got what she was saying, but it sounded as if Fern was still alive. I would find that amazing. I haven’t know many that were missing for months and were found alive. I then remember we were shown a vision of some kind, but as dreams fade upon waking, so did the visions that we received. Upon waking from these dreams, we found the seer had died. I don’t know how I’m going to carry out her final wishes, when I don’t even remember them, but I hope her soul found some rest.

Feeling refreshed we decided the best option was to head back to the tunnel.



No Rest for the Weary

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I guess it was meant to happen sooner or later. I came to this town to relax and rest for the next decade or so. But someone brought in bleeding everywhere changed that. Now I’m sitting with wolf elves looking at stars I don’t know. Let me back up a bit.

This morning was like any normal one: get up, pray to Chauntea, tell a story, and go about my day. Which today was the day Claern Taure’s little girl was making a meal all by herself.

Next thing I know, a man’s bleeding on a table, Ari’s lost her marbles, and we go trekking through the woods towards a cave marked in blood. Ari barely gave us enough time to gather something to take with. Shoot, I had to grab a walking stick along the way to make sure I was armed with something. But it did concern her missing sister so I can’t give her too much grief.

The cave… The cave was too odd. It was so smooth everywhere. I almost wanted to say we were walking into a dwarven work until there was no mining equipment anywhere. But as we went farther, we finally found a part with stalactites from the ceiling. Glad to finally see something normal, we might have rushed in without looking too well. Spiders. Spiders everywhere. Gods on high, do I hate spiders. I just wanted them dead. Period. Until a couple seemed to pounce on me. I panicked and propelled myself backwards, willing a stalactite to crush them. My hands got hot, and before I could blink, magic sparks shot out and brought the thing down on them. I was a bit stunned, needless to say.

After getting away from those damnable spiders, we continued on to try and find a sign of anyone. Instead, we managed to get the tunnel to collapse on either side of us to where we had to dig out. Since Ari was in a rush, we had no shovels. So I had to use my extensive knowledge from my travels to help get things moving without burying us alive. Ari managed to wiggle through an opening we made to work from the other side. But Magpie… As much as I like her, I wanted to wring her neck after this. She decided her judgement was better than mine and pulled whatever rock struck her fancy. Needless to say, it brought what was left on the rest of us and got us hurt a bit. Especially not good after Claern kept hurting himself helping move the rocks.

But thankfully, there was open space to outside finally. But as I started to look around, I got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. The trees were too big. And worse, in my eyes anyway, the stars were completely wrong. I couldn’t help myself. That one fact scared me more than the spiders had. The stars had guided me for the last ten years in everything I had done. They were supposed to be as constant as the rising sun. But here I was, looking at twinkling strangers. I wanted to turn back so bad but no one would have it at all.

As we continued on, we managed to find a clearing, where we were met by a couple wolves. I wanted to go around. I mean, the wolves weren’t attacking us right away as vicious or monstrous ones might. So why should we bug them? It helped that it looked like they were already injured. Though I might have wanted to find a way to help them, it would have been better to go around them and leave them be. But Clearn had to decide to go up to them to get bit. So of course we defended him. I didn’t want to see them dead so I used the magic I had discovered earlier to work on knocking them out so we could get away and they would wake up fine a couple hours later. But as luck would have it, the first one I knocked out turned into an elf. I freaked out. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Then the other wolf changed into an elf as well and charged me. She didn’t give me enough time to tell her I didn’t kill her sister like she thought, running me through with cold steel. I don’t think I even had time to register the pain before I blacked out on the ground.

When I came to, I had been wrapped up with some cloth to staunch the bleeding. Now I’m sitting here, looking at stars I don’t know in the company of elves who tried to kill me, hoping to make sense of what’s happened. But as the old adage goes: “There’s no rest for the weary.”




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