Fate of the Fey

No Rest for the Weary

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I guess it was meant to happen sooner or later. I came to this town to relax and rest for the next decade or so. But someone brought in bleeding everywhere changed that. Now I’m sitting with wolf elves looking at stars I don’t know. Let me back up a bit.

This morning was like any normal one: get up, pray to Chauntea, tell a story, and go about my day. Which today was the day Claern Taure’s little girl was making a meal all by herself.

Next thing I know, a man’s bleeding on a table, Ari’s lost her marbles, and we go trekking through the woods towards a cave marked in blood. Ari barely gave us enough time to gather something to take with. Shoot, I had to grab a walking stick along the way to make sure I was armed with something. But it did concern her missing sister so I can’t give her too much grief.

The cave… The cave was too odd. It was so smooth everywhere. I almost wanted to say we were walking into a dwarven work until there was no mining equipment anywhere. But as we went farther, we finally found a part with stalactites from the ceiling. Glad to finally see something normal, we might have rushed in without looking too well. Spiders. Spiders everywhere. Gods on high, do I hate spiders. I just wanted them dead. Period. Until a couple seemed to pounce on me. I panicked and propelled myself backwards, willing a stalactite to crush them. My hands got hot, and before I could blink, magic sparks shot out and brought the thing down on them. I was a bit stunned, needless to say.

After getting away from those damnable spiders, we continued on to try and find a sign of anyone. Instead, we managed to get the tunnel to collapse on either side of us to where we had to dig out. Since Ari was in a rush, we had no shovels. So I had to use my extensive knowledge from my travels to help get things moving without burying us alive. Ari managed to wiggle through an opening we made to work from the other side. But Magpie… As much as I like her, I wanted to wring her neck after this. She decided her judgement was better than mine and pulled whatever rock struck her fancy. Needless to say, it brought what was left on the rest of us and got us hurt a bit. Especially not good after Claern kept hurting himself helping move the rocks.

But thankfully, there was open space to outside finally. But as I started to look around, I got a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. The trees were too big. And worse, in my eyes anyway, the stars were completely wrong. I couldn’t help myself. That one fact scared me more than the spiders had. The stars had guided me for the last ten years in everything I had done. They were supposed to be as constant as the rising sun. But here I was, looking at twinkling strangers. I wanted to turn back so bad but no one would have it at all.

As we continued on, we managed to find a clearing, where we were met by a couple wolves. I wanted to go around. I mean, the wolves weren’t attacking us right away as vicious or monstrous ones might. So why should we bug them? It helped that it looked like they were already injured. Though I might have wanted to find a way to help them, it would have been better to go around them and leave them be. But Clearn had to decide to go up to them to get bit. So of course we defended him. I didn’t want to see them dead so I used the magic I had discovered earlier to work on knocking them out so we could get away and they would wake up fine a couple hours later. But as luck would have it, the first one I knocked out turned into an elf. I freaked out. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Then the other wolf changed into an elf as well and charged me. She didn’t give me enough time to tell her I didn’t kill her sister like she thought, running me through with cold steel. I don’t think I even had time to register the pain before I blacked out on the ground.

When I came to, I had been wrapped up with some cloth to staunch the bleeding. Now I’m sitting here, looking at stars I don’t know in the company of elves who tried to kill me, hoping to make sense of what’s happened. But as the old adage goes: “There’s no rest for the weary.”




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