Fate of the Fey

What Others Hear

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So over the course of returning to the Passage, Aowyn showed me something awesome. She was able to decipher some of the upper runes on my staff. Finally! Some kind of progress with getting it to work for me. Aowyn taught me the word she used and which runes to hold so I could throw my voice. Sure, it’s kind of a parlor trick for now, I’m sure there’s more it can do that will prove useful for anything we might get into in the future. Aowyn mentioned time and a good library would help a lot to work on some of the other runes. Since we have to get Magpie back to her prince charming anyway, I can use the library there to work on it. And here I was hoping to avoid the books.

Anyway, after making it back to Drullyndra without being arrested, we all went off to take care of any personal matters. Since mine involved getting someone to check there was no one in my room at the Shaded Dragon, I followed Magpie from the general store to her house. It was still blood-splattered so we decided Claern’s spells could help for that. After she checked my room of course. So after I was given the all clear, I went up there to wait for my liaison to the group I’m kind of helping, kind of infiltrating. It was only when I started nodding off that he finally showed up. There were no new requests but he did have some good news for me. Which made me forget about asking about meeting his leader this time. He let me know a tiefling was in town that could find anything. More interested in where this might lead, I wished him well and hurried downstairs to see Ardisia and Magpie sitting at a table with Clearn serving them. Since Clearn was working and Ardisia is a bit brutish, I figured if I needed some kind of back up that Magpie would have to be it. And as an extra coin purse if I couldn’t cover the fee.

Thankfully meeting the tiefling, who called herself the Finder, was uneventful. She told me she would need a month to look into the matter before she could even give me a quote. It wasn’t as great a start I had hoped but I’m use to false starts in this matter. We went back to the tavern to talk about some of the things Magpie heard was going on. Turns out quite a lot was. But the most prominent to me was the fact our followers, since we have followers now, were getting violent with other churches trying to set up here. I figured we should take care of that on our way out to Myth Drannor. It didn’t feel right the people wanting to worship us were being like this. Making it back to Magpie’s place to sleep for the night, it seemed someone giving Ardisia a bad look back at the tavern was watching the house from one of the other walkways. Beyond that, it was an uneventful night. In the morning, we got food and rations for the next long trip ahead of us and assembled the people who worshiped us to listen to what we had to say. I will admit, my temper may have peeked out a little during the announcement but I think we got across the idea we didn’t want them fighting the other religious groups. So now we set out for Myth Drannor to see the Coronal.





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