Fate of the Fey

The Final Steps

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So we ended up in another xivort fight. For a while, those damn panthers were getting a bit of a leg up on us. But T.I.M. was able to help pick me up before I went unconscious. Ardisia was doing what she does best: kill things while swinging from tree to tree. My attacks seemed weaker this time, taking more of them to drop a xivort. Which brings me to a new thing. I couldn’t find it in myself to put a killing force into my spells. I think the whole execution thing shook me more than I originally thought. At one point near the end of our fight, I managed to draw on an inner strength as I pushed through the pains of battle. I don’t quite remember what I said to myself but I remember what I focused on: a pheonix. And as I held that image, I felt myself fly. Wind was whipping around me to take me airborne as a large bolt of lighting struck down from the heavens. I never experienced anything like it before. It was amazing. Almost like I was a storm made flesh, meting out nature’s wrath on all who tried to stand against such fury. Once the last xivort was knocked out, Aowyn woke the xivort up and told it to let its leader know the Hellborn of Essilarthree was coming.

When we camped for the night, Magpie woke everyone up in the middle of the night screaming like she was on fire. I normally would have asked what was her deal right there, but we weren’t under attack and I was exhausted. So I went back to sleep. In the morning, I pulled her aside and asked her about the banshee wailing from the previous night. I was afraid she was having nightmares about what she had done. I know I don’t have as great of sleep as I would hope since then. But no. She just had a vivid dream about a cloaked person attacking our camp and her unable to do anything. I wasn’t able to help her understand the dream. But I am gonna keep a closer eye on her. In case anyone would want to remove her from our group again.

As we traveled on, something odd happened. We would come across xivorts, patrols most likely, that ran in fear of us. It was unusual. I think because I left some alive for once that all the xivorts knew us to be able to decimate their numbers. It made my stomach bottom out a little. It’s not a way I wish to be known. Once inside the stronghold with their leader, T.I.M. started threatening them. A lot. But it worked and we secured a path from the Passage to Bellisee that xivorts would avoid. So now we get to head back and try to reach the Coronal without me getting arrested.





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