Fate of the Fey

Something New

So while trying to figure out where Clearn and Ardisia went, I was picked up by the palace guards. Well, hell in a hand basket. They took me away and locked me up for a while before pulling me out to ask about an attack made on the Coronal’s consort. It looked like the plans Clearn had found and told us about were actually real and happened. I answered all their questions to the best of my ability and with complete honesty. I mean, come on. I have no reason to try and attack the consort at all. I’m just trying to carry on with what I’m already doing. I wouldn’t want to add that onto my plate. Well… If I’m being completely honest, I might if someone had shown me and guaranteed me what I want right then and there. Actually, no. I still wouldn’t because I still don’t know what it is or what exactly it does. Anyway, we eventually end up meeting with each other and this Drow named (name is on character notes) who confirms we weren’t apart of this attack at all. He seems a little shady to me but I really wanted to get out of there so I kind of hastily took the allowance to leave and jumped on it.

We make it back to the Purple Dragons to discuss where to go from there. After a lot of discussion, we end up with the plan to head back to Drullyndra to check on a couple things. I have to admit. That spellcasters’ meeting still has me intrigued. But then the Purple Dragons told us it would take three days to get everyone ready to go. It’s a bit of a long time but I figure I can use it. I’m not too much a book person personally but after what Aowyn said, I guess I need to look more into them. I didn’t have any luck the first day. But I found at least a hint at what could be next on the second day. I found some text in one of the older books I happened across that said my staff had shown the ability to send messages over very long distances. It’s a very useful thing to have so I set on anything that might show me the proper symbols for that. And, if there was one, the trigger word to use the ability. But I didn’t find anything else before I decided to get some sleep. The last day yeilded a little bit of a result. I discovered one of the symbols I needed to use this ability. I gave the symbol a try but nothing happened. So I have more I need to find out before I can use it, it seems. Oh well. I guess being cloistered up in more libraries with more musty old books is in my future.



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