Fate of the Fey

Retracing Our Steps

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I knew it would happen. It’s not like they would actually know Magpie’s family on this side of the passage. But Cruen was pretty set on it. When we go there, we understandably had to sit outside for a while. Once inside, the captain was nice enough but he turned us away. I wanted Cruen and Magpie to come outside with me so I could speak to them both but Cruen decided it was more important to speak with the man alone. And you know what? I had a sneaking suspicion. So I asked Asta to hide in the hood of Cruen’s robes to listen in and tell me later what was said. Magpie and I talked, causing her to make a bit of a commotion. Which Cruen came out and gave his little hissing about shutting up.

When we left, Cruen explained the man had told him where to get our “line of credit” noted by someone who the company’s captian would recognize. So we’re on our way back to Myth Ahnvae to get things sorted out.





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