Fate of the Fey

Purple Dragons or Foreign Devils

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12 Uktar Year of the Ageless One

We are now throwing our weight behind the Purple Dragons. I fear what this might mean. While I do believe that we should protect ourselves from the monsters that lurk in the feywild, I worry that they may be going too far. It sounds as if they want to search everyone, and restrict the freedom of the passage. They want to set up a fort just outside of our territory and restrict what flows in.

I’m certain that the Coronal should hear of this when we meet her. It is not that I want to start a war; I would prefer this to be settled peacefully. That may be hard to accomplish now though. The troops are already in Drullyndra and don’t seem willing to be turned from their quest.

There is also the fact that Kris publicly supported the plan. I recognize she must be speaking her mind, but does she not realize that when one of us speaks it is reflected upon the whole party. I don’t think the Coronal will look kindly us supporting foreign troops setting up a fort just on the other side of the Passage. I will try to support her, even though I’m not fully convinced that this is a good plan.

It has been many months since we discovered the Passage, and nothing majorly dangerous has come through. I’ve never even heard of xivorts sneaking through the passage. I fail to see why we need so much security. We are not facing an eminent war with the elves from the twilight realm. However, how will they see this encroachment on their territory? Will they not also be worried what is truly going on with humans bullying anyone that goes near the passageway?

We need to find someone more impartial to guard the cave, to protect the balance between security and bullying. Someone who will not be motivated by greed, politics, or fear, but rather the desire to protect both sides. Where will we find someone with that motivation? If that man exists, he would be of a rare breed.

I wish to protect both sides, but not now. There is something out there I need to find. It is calling me, it is getting stronger all the time. It fuels my desire to find it, but the object of my obsession has yet to lead me anywhere. What is this drive I feel that would make me leave my family, my tavern, and everything I’ve devoted myself to up to this point? I feel guilty about leaving, but I must find what is calling me.





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