Fate of the Fey


As we made our way into Myth Drannor, we happened into Villorn on our way to the palace. He spoke of a new patron who wanted him to reveal nothing of his project. But Villorn did invite us for drinks. So I figured it might do us some good. Afterwards, we made it to the palace to find out it was open audience today. When we reached the door, we had to stop so we could hear the shouting on the other side of the door. Turns out Cormyr people are looking for probably Magpie again. It seems her husband to be has been kidnapped and they want to protect her from whatever threat took the prince. But it seemed the Purple Dragon Captain didn’t recognize her since he pushed right by her.

Seeing the Coronal was interesting. I know I didn’t have much to give her in the way of the group I was suppose to be infiltrating. So I had to tell her we were getting the run around in getting to the leaders. Which is partially true. Of course, we had been in the feywild taking care of xivorts at the Coronal’s request but that didn’t matter. Oh well. Clearn brought up the map he told us about on the way here to the Coronal but she didn’t seem to find it very useful. None the less, she did decide to have her people get to work cracking it. So we got dismissed to get back to our infiltration work. We all went to try and track down the captain from there.

We missed the captain by about an hour. Figuring since we were going to head out to Suzdail anyway, we didn’t bother going out to find his camp. Instead, we headed back into the city, passing a couple shops along the way. I did stop by one where there were some rituals being sold but none of the offered rituals struck my interest. But I thought I heard talk of a really cool ritual but I didn’t hear what it was called. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get lucky some other time. As we walked, Clearn talked about a note from his sister saying to meet him at one of the taverns in town. We discussed forgoing Villorn’s invitation to see his sister or forgo his sister to see Villorn. We ended up splitting up to do both. T.I.M. went with Clearn in case anything happened while Magpie, Ardisia, and I went to see Villorn. Which wasn’t too bad. We could get much information from him but we did get drinks and chatted. I made sure I didn’t get anything strong. I didn’t want a repeat of last time I was in Myth Drannor. After about an hour, Villorn decided to vanish off to the restrooms. I knew what was going on. To be fair, I had done it more than a couple times in my own travels. It meant a good meal without using too much money. So I excused myself along with Magpie. Since I was done with that for the night, I decided to head towards Clearn and see how things were going with his sister. Eventually Ardisia caught up with me without Magpie so I know who got stuck with the bill now.



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