Fate of the Fey

Moving On

So as the morning came, I set out for the Purple Dragons’ camp. I managed to convince the lionel that they needed to be incognito with the rest of our group along to keep an eye on Magpie. It’s different than my original plan but it will have to do. At least now I have the help of the Purple dragons to keep watch of her should anything happen. Now I have to get everyone back together since the lionel is willing to wait for them. Back tracking to the guard post, they knew what direction T.I.M. went but not Clearn and Ardisia. So I headed for the library. When I showed up, a baelnorn stopped me to figure out my purpose there. I found it somewhat odd one would be tethered to the library but I’ve seen stranger things. Once I explained who I was looking for, I was led to T.I.M. filling out stacks of paperwork. Thinking quickly, I used the adventuring charter to give him immediate access without needing to finish the paperwork. Explaining where the Purple Dragons’ camp was, I told T.I.M. to go there once he was finished. Now I need to find Ardisia and Clearn. But where in the Nine Hells could they have gone?



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