Fate of the Fey

Might Have Been Wrong...

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I get we’re on a mission from the Coronal right now but we woke up to find Ha… Magpie missing. I’m feeling bad for always giving her hell. She may be vain, annoying, shallow, and dim-witted. But she’s another person and whatever’s happened to her didn’t need to happen. Claern was able to pick up a magic trail leading south that we followed until we were ambushed by xivorts at the river. I couldn’t stand that they had to show up right then and there. I got tangled up in a net. Again. And was wailed on by just about every xivort there. I do remember losing consciousness at one point but then something happened. One of the others (I think it was Clearn) brought me back around and The Storm broke. I could stop it but I didn’t want to. I wanted the xivorts washed away in any and all ways to where I wouldn’t have to see them ever again. And it worked. I was a walking force of the natural world as I lay waste to those little bastards. I was really swept up in what I was doing that I almost didn’t notice an owlbear join in the killing. Almost. As soon as things were over, we all got into the river and let it carry us down a ways so we wouldn’t have to fight the owlbear as well. So now we’re down the river, losing the trail to Magpie, and not too sure where we are. Maybe I’ll get some guidance for once at sunrise that I can share with the others…





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