Fate of the Fey

Let's Get Out of Here

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So, the last couple of days have been fun. While looking for Magpie we walked into yet another batch of xivorts. The battle started badly as I recall, but things started to go better. Kris pulled out some weather. Thankfully there was some teamwork evident as Kris warned me to get out of her way. So naturally I nimbly jumped across the raging river, killed a dumb little xiv with one slash of my broad sword. You could smell the fear in the other xivorts and they immediately ran in terror! With no one left to dispose of I jumped back across the river. We killed some more xivorts and then noticed the owlbear munching on his little snack of a xivort. Not wanting to disturb his meal we grabbed our wounded and jumped into the waters and let them sweep us down stream.

Once we were sufficiently far away we rested under the strange trees of the feywild. When we woke we realized the new pickle we were in. We had no idea where we were. No idea which direction to head to find Magpie. So, we wandered until we met a couple of Eladrin. They agreed to lead us back to their village. When we arrived the took us to see their elders (at least they weren’t seers…). The elders talked with us for a bit. They recognized us as “The Chosen”. I suppose it wasn’t hard to recognize us as there was a giant mural of us up on their wall. That was disturbing. They agreed to help us find Magpie, and while they cast their magic they shared food with us. At first I was content to just eat the delicious food. But then Kris and Clearn started asking questions. I just wanted to know where to go and where we were. Thankfully they drew us a rather bland map. The map shows where this village is, where a cave full of xivorts is, and where the Eladrin’s Holy Temple is. Kris and Clearn are SURE the temple must be the passage. I’m not convinced, but whatever. When the elders finished their task they told us what they had learned. I was very disappointed at how vague the answer is.

Well, now we have a couple of leads. let’s get out of here!





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