Fate of the Fey

How to Keep Momentum in a Land of Friction

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Well, it seems like my clever plan is starting to hit the snags; I guess this is what I get for not having any resources; I guess I’m not quite as good as the hero of stories known as Mac the Guiver. After failing to secure the mercenaries based on the promises that I had cooked up, mostly due to a large distraction that Hal and Kris started in the camp, keeping me from delivering my full sales pitch to the mercenaries, I have decided that we need to pull back and try to establish a network of connections here in the feywild, and apparently my companions know people in Myth Ahnvae and it is closer to the Passage so it seems like a reasonable place to begin building up a foothold, I have been toying with the idea of sending Kris back to Muerasae so that she can gather up our companions but I might wait until Hal and I are safe within the city (as Hal seems to be prone to kidnapping and ambushes from what I have heard.)





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