Fate of the Fey

Fate or Coincidence?

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9 Uktar Year of the Ageless One

Is there really fate in the world? I never really believed in it, I just figured that things happened. I guess I don’t want to think that there really is a power out there that can control or shape the future. I don’t think anyone has the right to shape another’s future, whether or not that works out better for that person. Recent events have me wondering is fate really among us, or just a strange coincidence.

As of this morning we woke up unsure of where to go or how to proceed. We didn’t know where Magpie was, or even where we were. With the lack of a better plan we went downstream in hopes that we might find a town. Not only did we find a town, but it was a town that saw us as some sort of prophesied heroes. If that wasn’t odd enough they were able to help us find our way to Magpie.

Maybe we were just lucky, but I never was this lucky. Everything seemed to fall into place, unlike everything else we have tried since we started traveling together. The fact that we were just walking along and an answer delivered itself, isn’t really lucky, it is something intervening. While the help is nice, I’m not sure how I feel about it coming from some unknown entity. Do they really have our best interests in mind, or is someone setting us up.

It is not that I don’t trust the powerful beings—I trust Corellon’s wisdom and guidance—I don’t like the idea that the gods or some powerful spirit can guide my life to what he wants. It should be my life to lead, I’m not an actor on a stage performing for the spirits. I refuse to believe that is even possible, because then every choice I make is meaningless.

In the grand scale of things, if my actions are preordained than I truly have no say in my life. Every decision I make has already been made and influenced by someone other than me. It would no longer be my life that I’m living. I would be a puppet. So even if it is true, I refuse to believe that I’m just a puppet to someone else.





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