Fate of the Fey

Death and other things

I should really give up this adventuring gig. Not only am I not that good at it, but I have little to show for it. And now because of my carelessness, I killed two men who just happened to be at the wrong bar. It just doesn’t seem fair. If fate has chosen me why put me through what it has.
However, can I face my family after what I’ve done? Can they forgive me? I already missed my daughter’s birthday, can I go back with nothing but a guilty conscious? I must be better than that. What if those men who were after me follow me back to Drullyndra? Then I would just be putting my family in danger. I can’t do that. Besides can I turn my back on Hal, Kris, Ardisia, and even Tim? They have been there for me, so I should be there for them.
I still feel as though there is a voice inside of me begging to go on. To explore and gain power. It says that I will need it someday. My studies can go much further away from the bar.

Dearest Sunnyrra,
My life is in danger. Those that would wish harm upon my sister, Kara, are after me, and I don’t want them to harm you or my children. Please forgive me for breaking my promise, and know I will do everything I can to return safely home.
Your love



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