Fate of the Fey


After Ardisia and I arrived at The Guarded Raven, we found a group of guards there. Turns out a fight had broke out in the bar and a fire had started. Since we both had seen before Clearn’s mishaps with his fire spells, we figured something had happened to him. The guards told Ardisia that they had a robot man in for questioning. Which meant they probably had T.I.M. and he might know what happened to Clearn. But unfortunately, Magpie hadn’t shown up yet and she had our adventuring charter. Worried she had been kidnapped again, we set out to find her. It took a while but we managed to find her outside of the city with the Purple Dragons the captain from earlier in the day was in charge of. I remembered they had been told she was with outlaws so I tried to play it off as a drunk and lying friend. Ardisia didn’t quite pick up on that. But thankfully they didn’t try to arrest us or anything like that. But they did ask about her kidnapping attempt. I didn’t know how much they knew about Cruendalas so I gave no names and was kind of vague on how the attempt was stopped. Ardisia stripped down to see Magpie, since they were afraid we might try to hurt her. It seemed she wanted to stay here and gave Ardisia the charter, who then gave it to me. Making it back to the police post, we showed the charter and we able to go inside to question T.I.M. But it turned out Clearn was locked in a cell at the moment. We asked about the bar and I couldn’t believe what I heard. Clearn had been the one who killed the bartender and another patron. Innocent people who had no right to die tonight. I couldn’t face him because I wanted to hurt him. So I had to step out before I let my power speak before my words. Were we just becoming a band of merry killers now?



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