Fate of the Fey

AAA u OOO EEeee uaaaahh!

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As we trudged through the forest, with Kris as our directional guidance, some of us took the opportunity to try to get to know our two new companions. Ok, so mostly we asked them random questions. I am a bit wary of Aowyn. Claern says she likes walking around naked. From his statements, it sounds like she might have been flirting with him, but you never can tell what actually happened from Claern’s interpretation of events. The sheer fact that she makes deals with dragons is… unnerving.

T.I.M. is… I dunno… strange. I’m very curious about him. I have never met a mechanical man before. I tried asking questions, but he only gives one word answers. I gave up on getting a story out of him for now. I got bored and tuned out the conversation for a while. It’s a good thing T.I.M. was paying attention though. He alerted us to the impending attack off a small horde of xivorts.

Man, these things are getting SSOOOO annoying. Maybe because they seem so small, but are so hard for us to take out.

At least this time we got to do battle amongst the vine-y trees. Its so ridiculously fun to swing around cutting the little blue buggers limb from limb. It makes me so happy that I couldn’t resist yelling for fun. I wasn’t really yelling anything in particular, just some guttural vowels. I don’t think anybody was paying much attention to me anyway. I did get a painful wound from a xivort on a panther before I reached the branches. The agony of climbing with that wound and the hit I took as I left and the lingering pain in my ankle and back was worth it to not be on the ground. I can’t tell you how much I want my back to stop hurting so much. I do love my sword, but it hurts to wield it right now. Maybe if I could crack it just right…





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