Fate of the Fey

A Change in Course

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People of Drullyndra, hear me…
I can’t believe this happened. We did well with another xivort attack. I even managed to help out Clearn and Kyriel before they could succumb to the xivort fuckers. But that wasn’t the oddest thing. When we got back to Drullyndra, there were Purple Dragons everywhere. Turned out they were prompting a conflict of sorts in the town. Some wanted to limit access through the Passage, some wanted to seal it completely, and others wanted to keep it open to anyone who wanders through.
The Purple Dragons offer us alliance…
My… Well, I guess I should call him an acquaintance right now, showed up when I was trying to push through the crowd to follow the others in order to meet with the person in charge of this gathering. He said I should make sure my friends, and Kyriel, were on the right side of the current conflict. Which meant convincing them that the Purple Dragons, who would be on the Feywild side of The Passage, should be there to help protect everyone on our side of things. But in order to be on their list of cleared people, we needed to convince the others outside to agree with this line of thinking.
We can only do so much…
So it ended up I would speak for everyone. But as I walked up, the others deserted me up there. Ardisia hid in the crowd and Clearn vanished altogether. I’m a little upset with that, since we needed to go up looking united in this decision but what could I do? The people were waiting for me to captivate them with what I had to say. I kind of wish I had more time to come up with something truly epic but a good storyteller works with what they have. And did I. I brought the people to their knees in adoration. Ardisia came back up near where I was, no doubt looking to bask in the residual glow of praise from the people that I wrought myself. There was an annoying guy who came up and almost ruined everything but I managed to gloss over his little outburst with the true beauty that was my small speech. You know? This scale of adoration? A girl could get used to this…




To give me a place for the speech itself:

People of Drullyndra, hear me. The Purple Dragons offer us alliance against the vicious threats in the feywild. They wish to aid and protect us by creating a protected space at the Feywild end of The Passage. So there will be no occupation of our village or land. We, the ones who discovered the Passage, fully favor this plan to help protect you. We can only do so much but with the help of the Purple Dragons, we can accomplish so much more.

A Change in Course

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